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storeOur Vision: What We Deliver

United Streets of Art is about self-expression. Just as graffiti artists see a blank wall opportunity for expressing  themselves, we at United Streets of Art see our accessories as vehicles for creativity. We deliver high-quality phone cases, belts, wallets, bags, watch bands, and other accessories, all with an urban edge. It’s simply about making a statement with what you show the world.


How We Began

We Love Los Angeles. And one of the main reasons we love the city is its long tradition of street art. United Streets of Art began in 2011 by incorporating the art of urban into our phone cases and hand crafted leather products.


What You’ll Get

When you buy from United Streets of Art, you’re making a statement. The products you buy are crafted with great care to make sure your statement continues to be made. We stand behind our products for the originality they’ll impart to your wardrobe, and quality with which they are made.


Commitment To Community

Central to United Streets of Art’s mission statement is our commitment to community. Urban artists invest in their community by taking their dilapidated surroundings and making them into art. We see community as a central part to art, and one way we show our commitment is by allowing artists to submit their work in our Community Page. We use what we like and pay artists for it. And it’s all to help people come together and bring art to the masses.