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Bringing Street Art To Your Wardrobe

Bringing Street Art To Your Wardrobe

Los Angeles is unlike any city in the world. And although L. A. certainly wasn’t the city where street art was invented, I’m going to suggest it’s got some of the best—in the world. Whenever I ride the train into Union Station, I know I’ve officially reached the city when the blandness of the surrounding suburbs becomes punctuated by splashes of color. The murals, the graffiti—the art that was commissioned and the art that was improvised—all contributes to the grand sense of community L. A. has. You can see the diversity of the city, you can see its contrasts. Above all, you can see that L. A. is a city with things on its mind.

At United Streets of Art, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the street. And with the citizens of L. A. and other urban centers all over the world, we share the opinion that every little scrap of space is an opportunity for self-expression. We deal in accessories, and our printed phone cases and handmade leather belts and wallets represent our love for the urban landscape. When you get something from United Streets of Art, not only are you enjoying a piece of quality craftsmanship, (most of our products are made in the USA), but you’re showing your appreciation for unique, urban design.

But above this, you’re making a choice for community over commodity. Our unique designs come not from the art department in some high rise, but from the people who know street art best: the artists. Many of the great designs you see on our hand crafted wallets, bags, and phone cases came from submissions to our site.

So how to get a feel for the type of expression United Streets of Art loves and promotes? Get out there and see it on streets!

See it, enjoy it, live it, wear it.

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