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Chalk Art in Michigan – David Zinn

Chalk Art in Michigan – David Zinn

Street art is as eclectic and varied as one can imagine, and one fantastic example of the appeal of creating art on the urban landscape comes to us from the chalk art of Michigan street artist David Zinn.


Chalk art is created on the pavements and walls of the urban landscape, and is often three dimensional in nature. Commonly, these pieces are drawn to be best viewed from a certain perspective as opposed to front-on.

David Zinn is a street artist whose visually adorable pieces delight residents of Michigan’s Ann Arbor. A self-taught artist, he has a Degree in English and Creative Writing, and has also embraced the art forms of painting, drama, and performance. He has been creating original and whimsical artworks from chalk on the streets of this city since 2001, both as a paid professional and for his own impromptu artistic expression.


Every street art piece Zinn creates is from chalk, charcoal, and other similarly temporary mediums, and it improvised in situ at its location. His art is full of whimsy, with much of it featuring mice, a flying pig called Philomena, and a friendly green monster called Sluggo. While the vast majority of David Zinn’s urban art is confined to Ann Arbor, he has popped up in other places such as the Manhattan subway system.


Street Art really is “by the people” and “for the people”. Its appeal is wide-reaching and if you look, there really is something for everyone. David Zinn’s chalk art is instantly recognisable, very appealing to people of all ages and all walks of life, and is very welcome on the streets where it appears. It’s a shame it’s of such a temporary nature! Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and thanks to social media, David’s work has been shared worldwide to a very appreciative audience.


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