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Cool Female Street Artists – Part One

Cool Female Street Artists – Part One

When you think of street artists, do you automatically think of guys? More of the well known street artists are men, so it would be no surprise if your answer was “yes”. However, there are loads of very cool street artists around the world who are women … and the aliases they use don’t always speak to their gender.


1910 London

Street art may have, many years ago, been the purview of men, but that has long since passed. Just search online for vintage street artists and see results showing women as far back as one hundred years ago creating pavement art. Today, lots of girls and women are making their mark on the urban landscape alongside Banksy, David Zinn, and their peers.

Just a few of the top female street artists to know about include:

  • Indie184 has created graffiti from New York City to Oslo, Norway, being active in the culture since 2001. Her style is simple, bold, and exuberant, featuring plenty of bubbles, hearts, and stars.
By Indie184

By Indie184

  • CBloxx is a British self-taught artist who takes inspiration from the industrial Yorkshire town in which she grew up. Her street art depicts skulls, phantoms, skeletons, and voodoo images created with stencils, spray paint, and freehand. Her imagery is dark and evocative.

By Cbloxx

  • Lady AIKO combines Japanese tradition with modern graffiti, creating feminine pieces with abstract detailing. Her installations are large in scale and can be seen worldwide.
By Lady Aiko

By Lady Aiko

  • Faith47 is a South African street artist who is also self-taught. Her style is refined and her murals are intended for social commentary and engagement. She works with local themes of the harsh reality of life in her country despite promises of better, and human relationship to animals.
By Faith47

By Faith47

  • Venice-based, Christina Angelina is not only a street artist but also a noted producer, photographer, and fine artist. She works with oils as well as wheat paste.
By Christina Angelina

By Christina Angelina

Come back next time for more great women street artists in Part Two…

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*All images courtesy of Pinterest

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