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Street Art Spotlight – BANKSY

Street Art Spotlight – BANKSY

Banksy is among the world’s most famous street artists, and his work is proudly featured on some of our leather accessories here at United Streets of Art.

Banksy is an iconic British painter, graffiti-master, filmmaker and activist who was named amongst the 100 Most Influential People by TIME magazine in 2010. Despite many attempts to unmask his true identity, it remains largely a well-kept secret. It is his anonymity that is such a large part of his appeal.

He hails from the Bristol area of England, and his original moniker was Robin Banks, which rapidly evolved into Banksy. Beginning on the canvas of Bristol’s rougher Barton Hill district in the early 1990’s, with what was initially a freehand technique, his art has become known worldwide.

The artist has stated that his initial inspiration came from “3D”. This was a graffiti artist who eventually was to become a founding member of the band Massive Attack.

The first well known large wall mural by Banksy was painted in 1997, entitled The Mild Mild West.


Banksy’s approach to graffiti is distinctive and relies on a stencil technique that has the added benefit of being fast to achieve a final result. His art is subversive and satirical. He is an advocate for the connection between artist and audience. His installations bring together wit, irreverence, political and social statement, innocence, experience, whimsy and longing in an array of instantly recognizable motifs that can be seen on city walls worldwide.


Canvases used by Banksy are not limited to city walls; he painted on animals in the Turf War exhibition in London in 2003. He has created street art on the Israeli West Bank wall, on an elephant, on the Thames Water tower, on derelict New Orleans buildings, in London Zoo enclosures, and many more canvases throughout the world.


Banksy doesn’t sell reproductions of his graffiti, however other art auctioneers do. He is also a filmmaker; his debut film was Exit Through the Gift Shop and is featured at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the documentary genre in 2011.


United Streets of Art is very proud to feature Banksy’s Balloon Girl on some of our leather accessories. Check out in store or online, and bring some of this unique artist’s talent into your world

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