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The Global Reach of Street Art

The Global Reach of Street Art

Urban art, or street art, has come a long way since it was considered as simply being vandalism or graffiti. Some of the most vibrant cities in the world are renowned for their urban artistic installations, and these both depict and reflect the beating heart and soul of their individual locations.

Urban art is visual or graphic art created in public locations and outside the traditional art context. Modern street art can be seen on buildings, walls, on the pavement, and in sculpture.

Just a few of the most impressive and famous urban art centers (outside of Los Angeles) for street art include:

  • Berlin, Germany – Berlin’s street art is so widespread and famous that visitors can take street art tours. The city has been referred to as “the graffiti Mecca of the urban art world” by art critic Emilie Trice; street art in Berlin is an industry and while it is not technically legal, urban art brings tourists to the city.
  • Melbourne, Australia – Australia’s southern city is home to a very diverse and dynamic street art culture, particularly in the realm of stenciling. Local government supports and preserves urban artworks, with primary locations being in Hosier Lane, Brunswick, Fitzroy and Carlton.
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil – home to the Open Museum of Urban Art, Sao Paulo has a vast array of impressive street installations.
  • Moscow, Russia – a growing hub for graffiti artists, with galleries and pop-up street spaces dedicated to the medium.
  • Santiago, Chile – Barrio Bellavista features many beautiful urban art murals created by both amateurs and professionals. This artwork reflects the color and vibrancy of Santiago.
  • Bristol, UK – the walls of this British city are covered with a diverse array of urban art pieces; look to bridges, narrow alleyways, in underpasses, along side streets and on building walls for dynamic and thought-provoking installations. Where the Wall conducts street art walking tours, or go to Stokes Croft.
  • New York City – NYC has a busy street art scene, and included on any tour should be Red Hook’s Swoon Mural, the Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn, the DUMBO Walls, East Willimsburg, Los Muros Hablan in The Bronx, Manhattan’s R. Houston Bowery Wall, the U. Freedom Tunnel, and the V. Welling Court Murals in Queens.

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