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The State of Our States: The Ongoing 50 States Project

The State of Our States: The Ongoing 50 States Project

About ten years ago, the singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens embarked on what would have been a truly epic project: to write a full-length album dedicated to every state of the Union. It was ambitious to say the least—and unfortunately, he gave up after only two states. Maybe he sensed that it would be hard to compile enough info for Nebraska.

Well over at United Streets of Art, we aren’t in the business of singing and songwriting, and therefore can’t pick up the torch where Sufjan left off. But what we can do well is make artistically designed, quality printed phone cases.

As such, we hereby unveil our own 50 states project! Our goal: to print artistic, original phone cases for each of the 50 states. What we and Sufjan share is a deep love for community, and how we usually express this is through urban art.

There is nothing that can unite people more than the place one was born. We wanted to design a case for the Oregonian who is proud of it. If you’re a Texan and want to represent, your case is here. The New Yorker, the New Jerseyan, the Arkansan can all look on their cell phones with a sense of pride in where they came from.

In our ongoing project, we want to represent all 50 of our nation’s great states with iconic images that will leave you longing for home (even if you’re already there). As always, our designs are printed in the US on the highest-quality materials, with designs that will last. We’ve got phone cases available for iPhone and Samsung.

It may be a lot easier to design a phone case than to craft a full-length album. But we at United Streets of Art like to think that our phone cases are an equally valid way of showing your stripes and embracing your community.


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