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The World’s Oldest Street Artist?

The World’s Oldest Street Artist?

Street art has no limits – and no age limit!


Grace Brett may well be the world’s oldest street artist – and at age 104 (as of September last year), she is most certainly the world’s oldest yarn bomber. She has been avidly crocheting and knitting since she was a teenager in the 1920’s.

Grace participated in the Yarrow Ettrick Selkirk (YES) Arts Festival in Scotland in September 2015. A member of the “Souter Stormers”, she and her crafty counterparts crocheted and knitted dozens of pieces to “knit the town red”, covering the three participating cities. This was in response to being refused funding for another YES Arts Festival-related event.


The yarn bombing campaign took almost a year of hard work to complete, and resulted in forty-six local landmarks in the Scottish Borders being decorated. These pieces included phone booth covers, bench covers, tree covers, pole covers, and even a statue of Sir Walter Scott being covered with colorful yarn installations.

Though totally unauthorized and somewhat illegal, the works were appreciated by the local population, bringing people together in awe, admiration, and humor.


Yarn bombing has become a phenomenon worldwide; a soft version of graffiti which is colorful and fun. Anything but permanent, it makes its simple statement yet doesn’t attract the ire that other forms of street art can do in some quarters. In fact, yarn bombing is more likely to get a laugh.

There are no rules when it comes to urban art and yarn bombing is but one aspect of the urban art form. The whole world is a canvas and yarn is simply another medium for creative expression. By melding a craft form that is widely associated with the elderly with street art and graffiti, fun and colorful public spaces result – with no damage done to property in any way. It might just be the most cheerful form of street art – calling to mind your friendly old grandma.

Street art can be worn – and not just via knitting or crochet! Check out United Streets of Art for unique, Urban Art-inspired accessories including handmade leather belts. You won’t be disappointed!

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