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Travel Better with United Streets of Art

Travel Better with United Streets of Art

You’ll have seen if you’ve browsed our website that we sell a wide array of cool luggage tags and unique passport holders. These look amazing and are a great way to stamp your personality onto your luggage and travel documents, yet they are not just great to look at. Having unique luggage tags and passport holders can make travelling more convenient, safer, and an overall better experience.

Luggage Tags: it’s crucial to label your luggage with your name, contact details, and a return address. Should checked luggage get lost or go astray, it needs to be easily identified so that it can be returned to you in a timely manner. Airline and other transit labels that stick on can come off, and you can’t rely on these.

Additionally, you need to protect your information. When you use a top quality luggage tag from United Streets of Art, sensitive information like your home address and name are hidden from plain sight. This is crucial for security both personally and of your home and belongings. If your information like your home address are easy to see in passing, the wrong people may be able to identify your address and know that you are not at home – inviting burglary. The right luggage tagging mitigates this risk.

You also want to be able to quickly and easily identify your luggage at the collection carousel after you get off your plane, off your cruise ship, or when you are on any kind of tour or public transport system. Much luggage is very generic. With a unique and quickly identifiable cool luggage tag, your items will stand out and be easy to grab and go.

Passport Holders: keep your important travel documents safe and secure with a unique passport holder. Your passport will be kept safe and in premium condition, protected from bending, spills, wear and tear, and grime no matter how often it is used if you use a leather passport holder. You can quickly and easily identify your passport in your handbag or carry-on luggage, and you can keep other essentials such as boarding passes and other travel documents together with it. Additionally, a unique passport holder can disguise your passport in your belongings, making theft more difficult.

Explore our wide range of unique passport holders and cool luggage tags online at United Streets of Art – and enjoy your vacation!

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