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Urban Art: By The Masses, For The Masses

Urban Art: By The Masses, For The Masses

If you’re reading this right now, we can probably assume that you love products that are made in the USA. It’s likely that you enjoy handmade leather goods. You may even have an appreciation for creative design and urban fashion.

These are all good reasons to choose United Streets of Art for your printed cell phone cases, wallets, bags and accessories. But did you know that your purchase of United Streets of Art goods actually supports the artists who design the images on our products?

Part of United Streets of Art’s mission is to support urban art and design everywhere. To this end, we are happy to unveil our brand new Artist Submission Page, where you the artist can contribute your work to the United Streets of Art community, and subsequently, to the products we offer. Some companies just stop at offering cool cell phone cases. Not us. Our goal is to do our part to promote art and expression in public places—which may even include you and your cell phone. Incorporating your art is another way that we do a little more than just sell high quality bags, wallets and accessories.

Just as with the graffiti and street artists we hold in esteem, we have a love for community. We want to make the art submission page a public gallery: a place for you to tell us what you like and what you want to see more of. And as I mentioned, artists are generously remunerated for the contributions we accept.

You’ve got the gift of art, so what better way to promote that than to make a gift of it. Don’t just give your mom or dad a hand crafted leather belt or wallet. Give them a hand crafted belt or wallet with your design on it! But don’t stop with your parents—bring your art to the masses.

Check out our Artist Community page and make a submission today.

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